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Coach Connor

Coach Connor

Connor Uszacki

As the Striking Coach at Element Martial Arts, Award-winning Connor Uszacki is responsible for developing solid striking skills and fighter IQ of his students in Boxing, and Muay Thai. With over 10 years of extensive training in martial arts with top coaches and fighters across Canada, his approach focuses not only on enhancing his student’s combat abilities but also on nurturing critical thinking and safety awareness. Connor also oversees the development of Element’s Competitive Fight Team, ensuring each athlete receives personalized coaching and support to excel in competition.

Connor Uszacki is not just a martial arts coach but a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of interests and accomplishments. Connor has delved into psychology and behavioral therapy where he helps athletes and individuals enhance their emotional regulation and conflict management skills. His fascination with understanding human behavior extends to his hobbies, including competitive gaming, outdoor activities, and a love for photography and cinematography.

Connor is also a passionate musician, proficient in guitar and vocals, and skilled in sound engineering. His band, End Ever, recorded its debut album internationally when Connor was just 16, showcasing his early prowess in teamwork and professionalism.

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