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Group Classes

Element Martial Arts offers a 6 day/week training schedule of fun, engaging, and challenging classes.  Our rates and fees offer flexibility for students that matches their lifestyle:

  • Unlimited Memberships- take part in as many and any scheduled classes at a monthly rate
  • 2x/ Week Membership- participate in two classes of your choice each week
  • Drop-In Packages- 10 and 20 packs of passes that can be used for all classes

Students can cross-train in a variety of martial arts disciplines and explore many different pathways to mastery and achieving fitness goals. Our studio is committed to providing a safe and inclusive training community for everyone who wants to bring martial arts into their world.

Group Classes/ Personal Goals

Element offers classes throughout each week in multiple disciplines:

  • Karate/ Tae Kwon Do- Karate originated in Japan and is a system of self-defense from a standing position with an emphasis on hand blocks and strikes. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art with a focus on kicking. The Element program combines the upper body defense training of Karate and the lower body kicking strategies of Tae Kwon Do to provide a full-body workout. There are classes for every age and skill level.
  • Muay Thai- Involving kicking, punching, knee and elbow strikes, Muay Thai is the origin of MMA, K-1, and kickboxing.
  • Jiu-Jitsu- born in Japan and perfected in Brazil, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a standing and ground fighting discipline without using kicks or punches. BJJ is the preferred art for Mixed Martial Art (MMA) competitors when the fight goes to the mat.
  • Boxing- the traditional techniques of boxing are taught with an emphasis on the upper body through light contact and bag workouts.
  • Fitness Kickboxing- a conditioning class focused on punches and kicking with heavy bags for enhanced resistance. This conditioning class uses ply metrics (explosive), isometrics (static), and lightweight training to improve overall fitness. The uncontested greatest benefit of our Fitness Kickboxing class is the release of pent-up aggression and the stress relief of hitting the bag hard.
  • MMA- study multiple disciplines of martial arts for the ultimate cross-training experience and discover the benefits of each.

We recommend that everyone wishing to explore martial arts take advantage of our complimentary class pass, and join a class in the discipline that interested them. The Element studio classes are designed to be safe, supportive, and inclusive so that everyone can find their Inner Ninja.

Our Featured Martial Arts Classes

Group Classes: Frequently Asked Questions

We offer unlimited memberships that allow students to participate in any of our classes at a monthly rate and offer discounts for 3, 6, or 12 months memberships. Students can also opt for our 2x/ week membership. We offer Drop In rates that can be single use or purchased in 10 or 20 packs for a special price. We want to offer flexible options for all lifestyles so everyone can accomplish their own training goals.

For students over the age of 6, your membership gives you access to classes in all disciplines. Naturally, some of our classes have age restrictions (Youth Karate, Advanced Adult BJJ, for example) and some classes require the completion of a less advanced course (Continuous Competitive Sparring, for example). But we encourage all students to cross-train in different disciplines to become well-rounded martial artists.

We recommend that everyone interested in joining Element takes advantage of our offer of a complimentary class. Contact our team to sign up for one that seems interesting to you, come see us, meet our instructors and our community of martial artists. If you enjoy participating, our staff can help you find the right membership level for you and get you signed up.

Muay Thai | TaeKwonDo | BJJ | Karate | Boxing

Muay Thai | TaeKwonDo | BJJ | Karate | Boxing


Discover the ultimate martial arts experience at Element Martial Arts Inc. Our world-class instructors provide unparalleled training in Muay Thai, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, and Tae Kwon Do. With unlimited memberships, you can train as much as you want, unlocking your full potential. We go beyond boundaries, offering multidisciplinary expertise to elevate your skills. Join us and embark on a transformative journey where excellence knows no limits. Elevate your martial arts journey with Element Martial Arts Inc.

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Contact our studio at 368-993-5668 today or contact us below to book your free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you. (please note that the form below may take a few seconds to load. thanks for your patience!)

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