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You're here for change, right? After trying trainers, supplements, and diets, only to bounce back, we offer a better way. Over 80% of our members achieve and maintain their goals. We stand out by understanding why you're overweight – lifestyle, genetics, stress, or nutrition. Begin with a metabolic blood panel, endorsed by the Mayo Clinic, reviewed by our physician, Dr. Ali. Then, your personal trainer and nutritionist (optional) create a tailored plan for lasting results.

Fitness Benefits of Martial Arts

Achieve your fitness goals and discover the benefits for whole-health that martial arts training provides:

  • Develop habits to support a healthy lifestyle- Discipline, accountability, and regular fitness regime help create patterns for health that will extend into all areas of your life.
  • Improve balance, coordination, and reflexes- The dynamic nature of martial arts training requires you to use multiple muscle groups rapidly to execute moves. It also works to make you aware of your body’s position and movement patterns enhancing balance and agility.
  • Increase strength- The whole-body focus of martial arts increases core strength and exercises muscle structures weakened by prolonged sitting and inactivity. The use of all muscle groups in training improves tone and strength throughout your body.
  • Boost aerobic and anaerobic conditioning- Martial arts offer some of the best cardio workouts improving heart health, endurance, and reducing stress hormones. Anaerobic fitness is optimized with the short, explosive movements inherent in martial arts. This improves muscle mass, strength, and the ability to withstand fatigue.
  • Weight loss- Martial arts is an amazing program for weight loss. Burn calories, build muscle, and improve mindfulness; all very useful strategies when seeking weight loss. And the high-intensity, rapid-paced classes are more engaging than stationary bikes or treadmill workouts.

Element Martial Arts offers a variety of disciplines to explore for fitness and our membership plan offers flexibility that allows you to choose what time of day, how often, and what classes you take to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.



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