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Martial Arts and Interaction Skills. Have Our Kids Forgotten How To Make A Friend?

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Martial Arts and Interaction Skills. Have Our Kids Forgotten How To Make A Friend?

This last year and a half has been a whirlwind to say the least. The ups and downs. The uncertainty. The fear. The pivoting.

But also the isolation. The separation. The loneliness. The un-normal. As adults, we think about how this pandemic has affected us, our careers & business, our budget, and even our waistlines.

And then there are the kids. 

As resilient as they are. As much as they adapt. As much as they seem to be managing themselves, their emotions, their problem solving, they have been so deeply affected; affected at some of the most impressionable times of their growth and development.

It’s interesting how much we take for granted about the social development of kids. How much they gain from sports, school and group activities.

In my studio, now that we are back open for group martial arts classes and camps, I’m seeing the fallout of the separation from their peers. 

  1. They can’t read body language.
  2. They can’t understand tones in each other’s conversations.
  3. They are anxious to introduce themselves, interact or try anything new. 
  4. They are scared to share, play and use their imagination.
  5. They want constant stimulation but are exhausted quickly by it.
  6. It is all so hard and overwhelming for them to navigate.


Play! Physicality! Overcoming challenges! Organized social interaction with a reason.

That is why Martial Arts is so amazing. There is shared learning. The kids are testing their concentration, strength, memory, and problem solving together. 

  1. With support.
  2. With understanding.
  3. With celebration and encouragement.

They are failing together and then rising together. The kids are overcoming and levelling up in a community!

No one is alone.

They can lift each other up.

See the vulnerability in one another.

They can laugh and make mistakes together.

All while achieving their sport, competition, and technical goals as a team.

So as their social confidence is growing, so is their mental and physical as well.

And when kids are empowered, supported, and encouraged, anything is possible for them.

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Muay Thai | TaeKwonDo | BJJ | Karate | Boxing


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